MHB mHymnal version 0.9 (Mobile Hymn Book)

Eph 5:19
19 Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord,

MHB mHymnal is a mobile hymnal which allows users to carry their Methodist Hymn Book wherever they go on their mobile phones. It is a mobile application that installs on mobile devices that supports Java. The design is based on the popular mobile Bible, the Go Bible developed by Jolon Faichney and development was done with the Go Bible development kits.

The idea for the development of the project came about whilst in school when I observed the popularity of the Go Bible amongst Christians on campus. As a member of the Methodist Presbyterian Student’s Union, I imagined that it will be a wonderful idea if a similar application existed for the Methodist hymn book and Presbyterian hymn book. However I was still unsure of its propects till a discussion with a good friend who saw the potential of such a project beyond campus (thanks Ellen).  This gave birth to the idea of mHymnal.

Though they were many challenges especailly the availabilty of digital copies of the hymn books and other technical problems, by the Grace of Almighty God the project has seen its first release. Not all hymns are covered in the application due to the unavailability of thier digital formats. Some errors and bugs might still exist in the project due to the  fact  as a humans we are not infallible. Some errors might have crept up in the development. I am counting on users to report such errors before the final release. You can report errors on this blog or send a mail to Credit will be given to all individuals who  help and provide any other support

I will like thank the Almighty God for His Grace and Mercies for the implementation of the project. Jon Faichney for his work in spreading the Gospel through mobile technology. Rev. Ampaw-Asiedu for painstakingly creating the powerpoint versions of some MHB hymns. Also to everyone who contributed. I dedicate this application to the Methodist Prebyterian Student’s Union of the Univeristy of Ghana.

Wath out for the Presbyterian Version , PHB mHymnal which I hope to start work on as soon as I get a digitized PHB. Also work is underway for special MPU version comprising of both books

BrainLabs … cos we believe we can change the world.

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  1. Good stuff. I’ve also thought of this but didn’t make a move.

  2. Kofi Afrifa Agyeman

    Good work young man! Keep it up.

  3. Nyame Nhyira wo menua.

  4. God bless u but how do i download the hymns onto my fon

  5. Good work Bro. We should hook up sometime, have great project to deal with kk.

  6. Margaret Ashiley

    To download the Methodist Hymn book

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